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Immigration Documents Preparation / Legal Services / Notary Services

Immigration Documents Preparation

At Miel y Canela Foundation, we help our clients complete immigration forms and prepare packages for submission to USCIS. 

How We Help... Miel y Canela Foundation provides immigration services that do not require an attorney. These services include:
- Helping complete immigration forms and applications
- Assist in collecting supporting documents
- Availability of an immigration attorney to provide legal representation in an immigration matter
- Much more

Contact our office for a free consultation to determine how we can help.

Immigration Attorney Services

Miel y Canela Foundation will refer you to a reputable immigration attorney that specializes in services that include:

-  Asylum
-  Citizenship
-  Deportation Defense
-  Family Visas
-  Green Cards
-  Immigration Appeals
-  Marriage and Fiance Visas
-  ...and other services

Contact our office to schedule your free consultation.

Notary Services

Miel y Canela Foundation has a bilingual authorized Notary Public for the state of Florida who is a member of the National Notary Association.  Services offered are:

-  Performing Oaths
-  Acknowledgments
-  Attested Photocopies
-  Marriages
-  Verifying Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN)
-  Certifying Contents of Safety Deposit Boxes
-  .....more