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Defending Everyone's Rights

Defendiendo los Derechos de Todos

Miel y Canela Foundation is pleased to announce its training programs
now available in English, Spanish, French, and Creole
Receive your Certificate in:
Human Rights Advocate / Human Trafficking / Domestic Violence
Diplomacy and Protocol & Etiquette

La Fundacion Miel y Canela se complace en anunciar su programa de entrenamientos disponibles ahora en ingles, espanol, frances y creole
Reciba su Certificado en:
Defensor de Derechos Humanos / Trafico Humano / Violencia Domestica
Diplomacia y Protocolo & Etiqueta

Below is our next training:  Human Rights Advocate (Spanish)
Our calendar of courses coming soon

Proximo cursor (abajo):  Defensor en Derechos Humanos (en espanol)
Calendario de cursos sera anunciado proximamente


Defensor de
Derechos Humanos

Registrese y reciba su Certificado como Defensor/a de los Derechos Humanos, un curso dado por Consultores Certificados en Washington, DC.

La Declaracion Universal de Derechos Humanos se compone de 30 Articulos decretados en las Naciones Unidas. Aprenda la historia, concepto e importancia de sus Derechos Humanos y como defenderlos para si mismo y para los demas.

"Los derechos humanos sólo pueden hacerse realidad a través del reclamo continuo de su protección por parte de una población informada. La educación en materia de derechos humanos promueve valores, creencias y actitudes que alientan a todas las personas a defender sus propios derechos y los de los demás. Igualmente, desarrolla la conciencia de que todos compartimos la responsabilidad común de hacer de los derechos humanos una realidad en todas las comunidades".
(Naciones Unidas Derechos Humanos)

Costo: $97
Al momento de hacer su pago recibira confirmacion de su pago y su registracion.

Una semana antes del curso, recibira detalles, materiales y el enlace para entrar al salon virtual (via Zoom).  Duracion del curso es de 10:00am - 6:00pm EST (hora este de Estados Unidos).

Registrese aqui:


Wed - Oct. 13, 2021
The Epidemic of
Human Trafficking
in Florida - a conversation that MUST TAKE PLACE

Human trafficking is the business of stealing freedom for profit. In some cases, traffickers trick, defraud or physically force victims into providing commercial sex. In others, victims are lied to, assaulted, threatened or manipulated into working under inhumane, illegal or otherwise unacceptable conditions.

It is a multi-billion dollar criminal industry that denies freedom to 24.9 million people around the world with 50% are children.

The state of Florida is ranked 3rd in Human Trafficking - Tampa is one of its hubs.  We need to have this conversation to identify and take action to stop this epidemic in our communities. 

Article 29 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights says, "Responsibility: Everyone has duties to the community", meaning that we MUST engage in defending and protecting the welfare, security, dignity, freedom, and respect of each other as human beings.

Let's take a stand TOGETHER and say ENOUGH!!!!  Defeating Human Trafficking Saves Lives. 

Details will be published soon.

Defending Human Rights - 
Ending Human Trafficking

If we can end epidemics, pandemics and wars, TOGETHER WE CAN AND MUST END HUMAN TRAFFICKING.  We need your help.  Your contribution of ANY SIZE helps reunite victims with their families.  Please help us get them back home.

Your contributions will help expand and maintain the awareness campaign against human trafficking in Florida - only together can we keep our children, families, young girls and women, and men, our streets and communities safe from these predators.

Thank you as you give.

Our children, teens, mothers, daughters, sons...It's time to get them home.

Together we can do it - please join us in this effort. 

There is a mother missing her child. Let's reunite them.

2022 Simposio
Mundo Unido

Alianza Global de los
Jovenes Embajadores
por los Derechos Humanos  

Esten pendiente a los detalles -
la experience ningun
joven se puede perder!

2022 United World

Global Alliance of
Youth Ambassadors for
Human Rights.

Stay tuned for details - the experience no young
girl or boy can miss!

Youth Ambassadors for Human Rights 
Leadership Development Training

What We Do

Our Children are Our Future - this is why Miel y Canela Foundation focuses on empowering our youth through Human Rights education where they will be inspired to become the future leaders and advocates of tolerance and peace.  

Miel y Canela Foundation is a community-oriented nonprofit uniting youth, families, and organizations to create solutions that will empower and transform their communities.

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We Support Our Local Musicians

The Tampa Bay area is very fortunate to have so many talented musicians. Many are known but many are still not discovered or heard - the music industry was severely impacted by COVID-19 and our local talent and their families suffered and are still living the effects of the pandemic, and they need our help.  Miel y Canela Foundation supports them - will you join us?

Do not miss our weekly interviews so you can get to know who they are, listen to their stories, accomplishments, and enjoy their music.

Your donation of any size will help this community get back to what they love and do best...sustain their families and delight us with their talent.

Thank you as you give!

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